Why Should You Trust Empower Physiotherapy?

"Dr. Bri is incredible - I come to PT with so many considerations that make seeking physical care difficult. Dr. Bri is considerate, safe, knowledgable, and accommodating. I can't thank her enough for all of her help, and can't recommend her enough for anyone who struggles with their body both physically and mentally."

Baer K. 


"I am so grateful for Dr Durand. She gave a lecture to my Doctoral class on providing affirmative care that has truly changed my practice and interactions. She is PASSIONATE about providing the best care to all identities. She has such a niche perspective and passion that I am SOO grateful to learn from!"

Dr. Amy F. 


"I started physiotherapy and training with Dr Durand more than a year after arthroscopic knee surgery and a diagnosis of "Chondromalacia", after months of dissatisfaction with my progress, still being unable to do most things with my right knee. Within a couple of months, she had me squatting with weights and dead-lifting with no symptoms and good form, when just two months ago, I was not even able to handle my own body weight. It felt incredibly relieving and exciting to be able to use my legs equally again. Dr Durand is a highly skilled physiotherapist and trainer, whilst also being an excellent listener and a powerful communicator / teacher who can break down complex movements to make them easy to learn. Dr Durand also realizes that "one size fits all" solutions are not always helpful to treat all patients and instead strives to understand the anatomy of individuals to provide customized therapy. Her patience and dedication to helping her patients is remarkable, all of which seem like rare commodities among most medical professionals. I cannot recommend her enough."

Sanchitha S. 


"After lifting for years I slipped a disc in my neck. Dr. Durand was recommended to me by an Army buddy for physical therapy. It’s been 8 months since the injury and we’ve been working together for a few months now. I’m back to squatting and deadlifting symptom free. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Dr. Durand’s ability to listen to my specific issues and personalize the treatment and training plan. She is incredible at what she does. Lifting is a big part of my life and I’m well on my way back to it. Today, I was lifting the 275 pound deadlifts and thinking about that neurologist who told me I'd never lift more than 20 pounds again and well...thank you."

Michael F


"I have been seeing Dr. Bri for chronic pain, and the improvement I have experienced since I started seeing her has made me hopeful that I can return to the activities that I love. In addition, I recently suffered an instance of acute pain that had lasted 6 days (totally unrelated to my chronic pain) and was starting to dread nights because the pain was so bad. At my appointment with Dr. Bri, I shared what happened and some of my concerns surrounding it. She asked me more questions related to the pain, had me do specific movements, and then did manual therapy along with physical therapy. She also gave me some exercises to do. The following day, the pain was GONE! I couldn’t believe it! I moved in all sorts of ways to see if I could feel it again, but it was gone, and still gone a week later. In the time I have been seeing Dr. Bri, I have come to appreciate her patience, her knowledge, and her approach to healing. I highly recommend her."

Nadja S. 


"I can not say enough good things about the care I’ve received with Dr. Durand. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but she is professional, caring and empathetic with your care. I’ve been dealing with a chronic injury for roughly 2 years and seen by multiple professionals and nobody has been able to figure out what’s going on with my injury. Lo and behold, after 1-2 visits with Dr. Durand and being consistent with my home care routine she prescribed, my body finally began cooperating. Her background in strength training and powerlifting gives her a huge advantage that I haven’t seen in other professionals. Not only that, SHE LISTENS and CARES. As a personal trainer myself, having injuries is extremely frustrating and with her guidance and care I’m feeling so much better! If you’re a smart individual, (which I’m assuming you are) you’ll look no further than Dr. Durand!"

Brooke M. 


"I have had a history of running injuries in the past and took a break from running. In 2020, I wanted to get back to running after almost a year and half break and I started with a Couch to 5K app and I ended up injuring my knee quite badly that I couldn't even walk up and down the stairs. I looked up some Physical therapists in the area and everyone was closed at the time for in-person visits. A friend of mine suggested Brianna after seeing my Instagram post and I reached out. She responded immediately, we scheduled an in-person visit and she assessed everything and she identified the limitations in my ankle and knee mobility. She did some soft-tissue work and suggested some at-home exercises to do. I could feel some immediate relief. I saw her for a few more follow-up visits until I could get back on my feet again. I was amazed by how knowledgeable she is and her attention to detail. She even showed me how to massage and tape myself if I continue to feel the pain. It was a huge plus that she is a powerlifter, so I could discuss my limitations in that area also and she guided me in my movement. I can't recommend her enough."

Prema G. 


"Brianna is a great provider to work with! She is respectful and compassionate, and very LGBT+ friendly. She carefully listened to my concerns and goals and developed a treatment plan just for me - including several different types of exercises and movement to do during our sessions. She was even understanding when some weeks I didn't have time to do every part of my home regimen. She was also able to recommend books and other resources that helped me learn more about what we were working on. I would totally recommend her!"

Evelyn M.


"I can’t recommend Dr. Bri enough. I had been having hip issues for YEARS. I’ve been into powerlifting for my workouts and wanted someone who understands body mechanics to speak with. In 2020, my hip got progressively worse. I reached out and within our first session she identified 1- that I was right about my body (can’t even begin to tell you how nice it is to have someone listen) 2- we started with exercises I saw immediate results from.

Within 4 sessions, we knew something was not right and I went in to get imagining done on my hip. And as it turns out, I have some pretty significant issues needing surgery.
I’m absolutely blown away that her knowledge led us so quickly to results that mean relief for me. Again, these issues had been happening for years. Dr. Durand’s knowledge is why I’m exciting to have her in my corner for recovery so I can keep doing what I love. She’s never once suggested I stop doing anything to see how it feels. Because she worked with me and my body, doing what I love, it didn’t delay finding out what was causing my issues and ultimately didn’t delay my final results."
Emily F. 

"My workout session with Brianna was challenging and engaging. The exercises were comprehensive and covered key aspects such as strength, endurance, flexibility etc. I appreciated that my squat form was thoroughly analyzed and addressed through modifications and mobility drills. This helped me improve my squat depth and quality! Brianna went the extra mile to suggest further exercises and tips over email. The positive encouragement I received was motivating and I look forward to future sessions!"

Raghu A.

"Brianna is an incredibly attentive and compassionate physiotherapist. I avoided going to PT for hip/knee pain for so long because I was worried I would have to cut back on my weightlifting or stop altogether. I was lucky to happen across Brianna, who was encouraging and put together a plan to get me back in the gym. She told me once that she doesn't believe in telling people to stop doing what they love, and that she prefers to help people find a way to get back to their passion activity.

I saw her for a month or two and made really quick progress from my hip injury during that time. Then COVID hit, the gyms closed, and she helped put together a whole new home workout for me to keep me headed towards my lifting goals. When my hip became aggravated from working from home (no standing desk!), she was quick to change up my workout so I could keep my momentum without stressing my hip further. Despite ongoing stay-at-home orders, I'm still getting full workouts each morning with no hip pain. She is seriously amazing!"

Alisa B.

"I spoke with Dr. Durand at a Christmas party for a few minutes and I knew she was elevated in status on comparison to her colleagues and peers. She’s a consummate professional, she stays up to date on pain science research, and won’t try to shove you in a box you aren’t ready to fit in. She’ll help you make your own box."

Peter B.


"I cannot speak highly enough of the care I received from Brianna! She is thoughtful, intuitive, extremely knowledgable, and communicative. I came in with several issue areas, and she carefully tailored our work to adapt to my limitations and my lifestyle. Rest assured, you're in great hands with Brianna!"

Amy J.

"I can't say enough good things about working with Brianna. I met her when I attended a workshop at our local gym on pelvic floor work, which was great for me as a pregnant person and my spouse who is a weightlifter. I saw her throughout pregnancy and got so much relief from different pregnancy aches/pains/mobility challenges as well as help preparing for labor; we had an amazingly smooth labor and recovery, which I attribute in part to prep work with Brianna. My spouse saw her for their own work as an athlete and got great support as well. It's not easy to find a provider who is skilled at working with queer, trans, fat bodies, athletes, and pregnant people, but Brianna hits the mark on all fronts!"

Rainbow R.

"Brianna is awesome! This was my first time getting PT services, which I had been putting off because I was worried that I would be told to stop lifting. I was pleasantly surprised when she helped me create a plan that aligned with my goals for lifting, rather than telling me I should stop.

Brianna is super compassionate and proactive. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for PT services!"

Alisa B. 



"I've had other PTs before and the answer I got from them was all along the lines of "just don't squat/deadlift/whatever" whereas Dr. Brianna actually assessed the problem. The first day I went in she spent the entire session carefully looking at my movement patterns and where I had pain. She customized stretches and exercises specifically for my use case and amended them or made them more difficult as needed.  And as an athlete herself she understands how to assess the issues and provide advice in the context of athletics.

Before going in I couldn't sit for more than about 15-20 minutes without lower back pain and I couldn't walk more than about half a mile without tightness and pain in my lower back. Now I can walk pretty much as much as I want and while I don't enjoy sitting for extended periods of time, I can do it without pain!"

Lianna Y.

"Dr. Brianna is amazing and inclusive of people from all walks of life! She ensures quality care by truly getting to know her clients on a professional and personal level. I loved how customized she made my experience, making me feel as though I was the only patient she had. Thank you so much for all you do!"

Elliott T.

"Dr. Brianna is a great PT. As an athlete herself, she understands the desire to want to get back out there and compete when pain or injury has gotten in the way.

Before I went to Dr. Brianna my idea of PT was much different. I thought you did some at home exercise and a few stretches, check back in. During our session, Dr Brianna spent the entire time with me, assessing holistically what was taking place. She put me to work each session and monitored my performance. After a two sessions my back pain subsided and from there we built a long term fix.

She also gave me in the gym recovery exercises in case my back pain started to creep up at the gym, and these allowed me to get rid of the start of pain on the spot.

Give Dr. Brianna a try, you will not regret it!!!"

John O.

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