Physical Therapy, Strength/Conditioning, & More!

We proudly approach patient care with a holistic mindset and are fueled by guiding folks to reconnect with their bodies and movement in a positive, healthy, sustainable way.

It is our firm belief that you (and only you) are the expert of your body, and we work to collaborate rather than simply instruct. 

With a combined expertise in both heavy lifting and mobility, we offer a comprehensive care model that is unmatched. 

Empower Physiotherapy is a fee-for-service practice, meaning that we are out of network with all major insurance companies. 

Having worked in traditional corporate out-patient clinics in the past, Dr. Bri believes that this provides greater transparency of financial responsibility to the patient. 

Superbills are happily provided, as well as an insurance check prior to your first visit. The majority of our patients receive 50-80% reimbursement from their insurance carrier. At the very minimum, they are almost always to apply our services to meet their deductible. Health savings and Flex spending (HSA/FSA) cards are also gladly accepted. 

This model allows us to devote 100% of our appointment time with you, one-on-one. We have also found that many patients recover in fewer visits than they report having in previous in-network clinics. 

A sliding scale is available, as we strive to be accessible to all individuals. We kindly request that this option be reserved only for members of marginalized communities as they experience significantly greater health inequities.